What is Sparq?

We aim to reclaim our beloved local parks

In a world where life as we know it, has moved to virtual classes from all around the globe, we want to make sure that local becomes more accessible.

Sparq wants to bring together fitness and education in a way that is contactless, simple and transferable to local parks and communities.

Sparq is being launched as a lifestyle brand. Our first roll out will connect local personal trainers with their community. However, this idea is not only kept for fitness instructors, it could be yoga, tai chi, nature trails and historical attractions, the virtual list is endless.


We envisage a city made up of a dotted framework of interactive hubs. We aim to
build education and well-being within each community it touches.

  • To create an interactive contactless method of getting the community active.
  • Making the most of the parks and hidden outdoor hubs that are on peoples doorsteps.
  • To connect local businesses and their local community.